Random Banner Pro

Complete customisation for your Image, SWF and Script advertisements with click and impression statistics

Plugin Features

Add Image, SWF, Scripts

Easy to add Image, SWF and Scripts files with custom image size, external link and description


Categories banners to easy allocate to different places and positions


Customise popup with different vareity of options like background color, border size, color, animation style, how many time to show per session and when to trigger the popup.


Add banners using widgets with wide variety of options like single or slider banners with custom slider options like autoplay, count of images, loop and many more..

Inject Advertisement inside Post/Page

Inject advertisement on post/page in either top, bottom or in-between the post/page with enable or disable slider effects

Create Campaign

Create a Campaign for each advertisement on either Click or Impression by setting the Maximum value and cost for each event.

Statistics [Line Type]

Get detailed Line type chart view statistics on country based location for each banner ads

Statistics [Bar Type]

Get detailed Bar type chart view statistics on country based location for each banner ads

Bulk Action

Bulk enable or disable Random Banner in Post and Page


Free Version

$ 0
Adding Banners
Add only 5 Banners
No SWF banner
No Image Resize
No Enable/Disable Individual Ads
Adding Category
Add only 2 Categories
Insert Banner on Post/Page
No Slider
Banner location only at Bottom
Can able to insert only at Post
No Show Popup per Session
No Popup should show after
No Popup Loading animation style
No Enable Popup Background and Border Colors
No Campaign Support
No Statistics
Open ads link in new window
Change Currency Type
Disable Banner to logged in users
No Disable Banner on Mobile devices
Disable Banners on all location
Live Chat
Response time with in 48 Hours*

Pro Version

$ 30 / Site
Adding Banners
Unlimited Banners
Support SWF banners
Support Image Resize
Support Enable/Disable Individual Ads
Adding Category
Unlimited Categories
Insert Banner on Post/Page
Support Slider
Banner locations [top, bottom, after a paragraph]
Insert banner at Post/Pages/Both
Support Show Popup per Session
Support Popup should show after
Support Popup Loading animation style
Support Popup Background and Border Colors
Add maximum number of click and its cost for image/SWF type banners
Add maximum number of impression and its cost for all banners
Show banners on particular mentioned dates
Graphical View
Statistical View
Open ads link in new window
Change Currency Type
Disable Banner to logged in users
Support Disable Banner on Mobile devices
Disable Banners on all location
All updates are Free
Live Chat
Email Contact
Response time with in 12 Hours*

Change Log

26 June 2019
Disable Statistic if not required
10 November 2017
UI changed for extendability
27 October 2017
Bug fixed for new version of JQuery
03 October 2017
Now user can customize the empty banner content in Random Banner | Settings | Others | Text for empty banner
Minor Bug fixed
20 July 2017
New statistics page added with bar and line chart for each and individual plugin with date filters
Now view the geo location based ads display
Bug fixed
08 July 2017
Added new feature to Disable Random Banner in all location in that page when Post/Page banner disabled
Bug fixed
12 June 2017
Bulk enable/disable Random Banner in Post/Page
Print Statistics on tabular view statistics
Bug fixed
22 March 2017
Now user can able to add ads inside the post at three locations simultaneously (Top, Inside, Bottom of the Post)
Few bug fixes with conflict with the free version installed.
10 November 2016
Few bug fixed
17 October 2016
Show ads on content after some paragraph
Few bug fixed
11 August 2016
Run banners on mentioned days
Few bug fixed
30 June 2016
Few bug fixed
Show/Hide dots under the Slider
19 May 2016
Disable ads for logged in users
Disable ads for Mobile and Tablets
custom image size bug fixed and other few bugs
Show banner ads through popup with different animations
SWF default image removed and actual SWF file shown in all sections
03 May 2016
Disable Individual Banners
16 April 2016
Bug Fixed SWF file not clickable and SWF banner will not be displayed on iOS devices
14 April 2016
SWF file support,Option to disable Random banner in all location
06 April 2016
Bug fixes
04 April 2016
Insert the banners ads to all pages/post at top/bottom/after a paragraph
30 March 2016
Bug fixes on Key validation for verified users
28 March 2016
Dashboard update functionality added and minor bug fixes
21 March 2016
Graph based Statistics and Shortcode for banners
17 March 2016
Added Statistic for banner on Click and View
10 March 2016
No repetition of banner until all banners shown
9 March 2016
Bug Fixes

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the Pro version

If you are using above Random Banner version 2.3 (free version), then you can follow the below instruction

  1. Deactivate and Delete the free version
  2. Upload the Pro version
    1. Hope you have received the login credentials after your purchase. (If not contact us on live chat).
    2. Download the Pro version.
    3. Upload the file using plugins --> Add New from your Admin Dashboard.
  3. Activate the plugin then it will ask for Licence key
  4. Get the license key from
  5. Apply the license key and activate it.
How to add Shortcode?

Inside the .php files <?php echo do_shortcode('[bc_random_banner]'); ?>

Inside the pages/posts [bc_random_banner]

With all options

[bc_random_banner category=category_name slider=no autoplay=true delay=3000 loop=false dots=false items=1]

Default Options
  1. category = default / any category
  2. slider = No / Yes
  3. autoplay = true / false
  4. delay = 3000 (in Milli Seconds)
  5. loop = false / true
  6. dots = false / true
  7. items = 1
How to Deactivate the plugin
  1. Please Go to Admin Dashboard --> Random Banner --> Support
  2. Click Deactivate Random Banner Pro button
How to contact us

You can contact us on live chat at https://ifecho.com or create a ticket at https://ifecho.com/create

How to reset my password

You can reset your password at https://ifecho.com/password/reset

How to add new banner
  1. Please go to Random banner --> Settings --> Category
  2. Add as many categories required [Please don’t use space in-between text, Use Underscore]
  3. Then Go to Random Banner --> Random Banner
  4. Click Add New Ads button and select either Image, Script or SWF.
  5. Click Upload image textbox or Image area to upload the image
  6. It will automatically pull the image, url, title of the image and image size
  7. Add the external link if you wish and customize the title or image size
  8. If you wish to make the image to show as the theme responsive, then select the checkbox to theme based or if you need to make you custom width and height of the image then uncheck the theme based option
  9. Then select the category to allocate the banner to that category
  10. Click Save
How to show advertisement inside the page/post
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Settings --> Insert Banners inside the Post/Page
  2. Select Enable Banner to all Post and Pages to True
  3. Then Select the category name to show the advertisements belong to that category
  4. If you want to show to banners as slider then select the Slider option to Yes
  5. Customize the option as per your wish for Autoplay, Delay, Loop, Banner Location and Insert in
    1. Autoplay: Used to autoplay the sliders on page load, else it have to move manually.
    2. Delay: Delay time in-between one slider to another slider move.
    3. Loop: It will keep on rotating the banners, when it reaches the end of the banner then it will again move to the beginning of the banner.
    4. Banner Location: Location of the banner to place like either at top, bottom or After paragraph of the Post/Page.
    5. Insert In: Restrict the banner to show either in Pages or Post or show in both.
How to open link on new window
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Settings --> Others
  2. Select the checkbox on Open Ads link in new window
Disable banners for Logged in users
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Settings --> Others
  2. Select the checkbox on Disable Banners to logged in users
How to disable banners on Mobiles and Tablets
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Settings --> Others
  2. Select the checkbox on Disable Random Banner for Mobile and Tablets
How to disable banners in all locations
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Settings --> Others
  2. Select the checkbox on Disable Random Banner in all locations
How to change the Currency Type in Campaign
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Settings --> Others
  2. Select the currency type in dropdown and save
How to add Popup
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Settings --> Popup
  2. Select the checkbox for Enable Popup
  3. Select the required Category to show in popup from Category to show in Popup
  4. Configure the popup
    1. How many times Popup should show per Session?: Show how many time to show the popup for the user in that Session.
    2. Popup should show after: Trigger the popup after the mentioned time in milliseconds.
    3. Popup Loading Animated Style: It will show the selected animation style when the popup loads
    4. Enable Popup Background Transparent: It will make the Popup background to transparent, when it selected then the Popup Background Color and Popup Border color options will be override.
How to run Campaign
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Campaign
  2. Select the banner you want to configure and click Edit.
  3. Then you can able to configure the plugin for both Impression and Click.
  4. Name The Campaign name in Slot Name textbox.
  5. Then Select either Cost per impression or Cost per Click
  6. Then Select the Maximum Impression or Maximum Click for that banner. If you need for unlimited number of Impression or Click then enter -1
  7. Finally Enter the Cost Per Single Impression or Cost per Single Click

Overview: You can select the Cost per Impression or Click for all banner with Maximum Impression/Click and Cost per Impression/Click

How to show banners on specified or mentioned date?
  1. Please Go to Admin Dashboard --> Random Banner --> Campaign
  2. Add the Start and End date
How to view Statistics
  1. Please go to Random Banner --> Statistics
  2. There are two view options namely Chart View and Tabular View
  3. Tabular view can be view by clicking Tabular view button at the top of the page.
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